Saturday, 7 July 2012

Some Attractions in Hastings

While May and I worked hard, we didn't forget to discover interesting places and activities to do in Hastings as Working + Holiday = Real life experience!

Hastings Town Area:
It's normally quiet in town on Saturday and Sunday since most of the shops closed. Most buildings with unique architecture design could be seen throughout the city.

One of the recommended and must-go tours is the Cape Kidnappers Safari Experience in Hawke's Bay Gannet Colony, New Zealand.

Gannet Safaris Overland - Cape Kidnappers

This is the coach we jumped on it. It brought the passengers traversed riverbeds, wide rolling pastures, native bush, steep gullies...before we reached the gannet colony. Along the trip overland, we managed to catch some photos. Stunning ones!

Ahhh......The world's largest accessible gannet nesting place is here! They were the heroes and heroines of the day...

This is the well known Cape Kidnappers. If you are interested to visit, you can get more information from i-site(visitor centre) when you are in Hastings or visit online at and

Te Mata Peak:

Drive through the place and you will be amazed by the panoramic views.

Rush Munro's Ice Cream – 100% natural ice cream and one of the best in New Zealand. The fruit ice cream made with REAL fruit, I love it really much!

Rush Munro's in Hastings

Everyone loves ice cream! Daddy & son were enjoying their delicious ones
in the ice cream garden.

Rush Munro's 100% natural ice cream made in New Zealand since 1926

Rush Munro's Ice Cream Garden – Open 7 days, all year round. Address: 704 Heretaunga Street West Hastings, Phone: +64(0)68789634

Sometimes, I like to take this sort of funny pictures when nothing much to do.

The big apple & the baby apple

The big pumpkin & its baby

Twins pumpkin! I wonder if it tastes better?