Saturday, 5 October 2013

Scouting Jobs in Christchurch and Ashburton in Winter

After the traveling for 11 days, my friend Yen and I stayed in Christchurch for a week and we attempted to find some casual jobs. We wanted to stay and work in Christchurch, both of us didn't get any offer except the work from mussel factory though. Urrrh...we couldn't endure the sting smell, so we only tried one day and called an end. During the period, we also helped in hostels in exchange for accommodation. However, we didn't like cleaning works so much, so we looked for other changes.

Before long, I had another chance to work but it’s in Ashburton, a town about an hour drive from Christchurch. The offer was not bad and I accepted it. At least I knew that I have an opportunity to explore another place in South Island. 

I still remember that I spent the first snowy day in Christchurch, so excited! Looking out from the window, children were playing snows happily. Few days later, I left this beautiful city to Asburton for a new work.

On the bus, I saw snows everywhere and they made stunning snowy sceneries that I had never seen before.

When I just arrived in Ashburton after an hour journey, it’s only 3 degrees Celsius :0

3 degree Celsius in the morning in Ashburton

Car topped with sonws