Sunday, 4 August 2013

Returning to Christchurch from Lake Tekapo (Day 11)

On the last day of our itinerary, we spent the morning hours in Lake Tekapo. It’s actually not much traveling on the last day. I drove the car on the State Highway return to Christchuch. Christchurch is one of the stations where we could drop the car to the rental company.

When we reached the city of Christchurch, it’s about late afternoon. We checked in a backpacker hostel then we cleaned the rented car a bit before we returned the car on the next day, in the hope that we won't get charges for the car dirt.

Both of us had so many clothes to clean and things to pack. We’re tired after the long trip, especially me, as the only driver along the journey. At the same time, we also felt a little down owing to the end of traveling. It meant that we need to find some jobs again and save some money before we could have another trip. Traveling is never enough for us, lol!