Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Visiting Dunedin Botanic Garden, Baldwin Street and Around in Dunedin (Day 6)

It rained over and over again throughout the days we’re in Dunedin. It’s pretty cold and wet. Yen and I had no idea when would the rain stopped but we still desperately drove to the Dunedin Botanic Garden and wanted a visit. So, we walked under an umbrella.

The entrance via Gt King St & Opoho St
Winter Garden Glasshouse
Peter Pan statue in the garden

The Dunedin Botanic Garden is as large as 28 hectares hosting many open spaces such as Azalea Garden, Rose Garden, Knot Garden, Banstand, Cherry Walk, Herbaceous Borders, Daffodil Lawn and Lovelock Bush. In addition, there’re thousands of floras from local and abroad planted in this public garden.


Knot Garden

 Type of floras at the Herbaceous Borders

Located close to the University of Otago, Dunedin Botanic Garden can be reached at the northern part of Dunedin. It opens daily from dawn to dusk and the admission is free.

One interesting fact about Dunedin is the presence of steep streets around the city and the Baldwin Street is well-known as the steepest street in Dunedin as well as in the world.
Signages showing the Baldwin St as Worlds Steepest Street

Diagram of Baldwin St

Further explanation of Baldwin St

Baldwin St is located at the residential suburb

One of the houses built on the steepest st in Dunedin

In the event you’re interest to come and have a look at the Baldwin Street, just head to the residential area of North East Valley.

We initially planned to take a journey to Olveston House after the visit to Baldwin Street, but it’s cloudy after the rain and we’re worried it’ll be raining again. As a result, we cancelled the trip and just stayed in the city. We went to the Octagon, Dunedin Public Art Gallery and First Church of Otago before we ended our trip in Dunedin.
Dunedin city centre

Buildings at the Octagon

Dunedin Public Art Gallery
First Church of Otago

Dunedin Public Art Gallery
Add: 30 the Octagon, Dunedin.
Tel: (03) 474 3240
Opening hours: 10 – 5pm, Mon – Sun (Closed on Christmas)

Admission is free.

First Church of Otago
Add: 415 Moray Place, Dunedin.
Tel: (03) 477 7118
Opening hours: 9 – 5pm, Mon – Sun

Admission is free.