Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Heading to Hastings, Hawke's Bay

Hastings belongs to the region of Hawke's Bay, one of the sunniest parts of New Zealand.
Newmans coach

This was the bus we spent about 7.5 hours on it to reach Hastings from Aukland.

Some of the reliable public transports on road are:

1. Newmans Coach Lines

2. Intercity Coach Lines

3. Nakedbus.com

Same as Intercity, nakedbus.com offers the cheapest ticket price starts at only $1(booking fee excluded). You may get it if only you manage to book early and good luck enough, as they have very limited seats offered at this price and you get to pay more if all the cheapest tickets are taken. 

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Finally Arrived in New Zealand, after 12 Hours of Flight

17/1/2008 – My friend May and I arrived at Aukland International Airport. It was our first time and first day in New Zealand and we were pretty excited!

We first caught an airbus from the airport to city area. The bus has a service to drop off at selected accomodations, so we were just in front of the backpackers hostel when we got down from the bus. How convenient it is! Then, we just checked in to the hostel. Fortunately, we had booked it online in advance, it was fully booked on that day and some backpackers couldn't manage to secure a bed on their arrival. This was also due to the peak season during summer. Thus, it's always wise to do research and homework before one's ready to pack things and go.

Before the trip, we had already decided to go Hastings and try our luck in finding work there. As a result, we only spent a day in Aukland. We managed to buy tickets over the counter and headed to Hastings by coach the next early morning. Everything just happened smoothly as planned.

AIRBUS EXPRESS – City To Airport/Airport To City
The cheapest airport transfer service in Aukland. All useful information include prices, pick up & drop off points available at http://www.airbus.co.nz/, I need not elaborate more :)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Beautiful Christchurch before The Earthquake

Back to the year of 2008, I was in this beautiful city for my first time. Didn't know much about the facts of Christchurch but I easily fell in love with all things here. The sky, the river, the statues, landmarks, buildings, people, food...

Some said that Christchurch is the heaven for backpackers. One of the best reasons I love about Christchurch is it's so 'live'. I could hardly feel bored hanging out in the city. There is always some events held in the Cathedral Square, where is the hub for most people to meet up.

Just like Melbourne, the trams system embellishes the city of Christchurch and became a great way for tourists to explore the inner city area. As for me, I prefer to explore a new place by walking. Occasionally, I also jumped on a free shutter bus when I felt lazy and tired to walk more.

EARTHQUAKE UPDATE(25 MAY 2012) – The Christchurch tramway & Tramway Restaurant are currently closed! Visit the official website at http://www.tram.co.nz/ to get latest details.

Yes, this is Christchurch Casino. Well, it's fine to have a look inside if you are curious but non too wise to stay for long especially for backpackers. Gambling with our hard earn money is not the real game for backpackers. Christchurch Casino is among the few buildings still operates as usual after the earthquake happened.


I personally love architecture and heritage buildings in Christchurch are my favourite.


One thing I found Christchurch is so interesting is about the statues. I could see numbers of beautiful statues in the city centre within short distance. I fancy these could be some good landmarks for tourists or strangers to remember in case they got lost.

Isn't it good to enjoy a meal with friend by a riverside? Riverview Buffet Restaurant located at the upper floor of the Oxford On Avon at 794 Colombo St - this is the restaurant which offered great food, good environmet and affordable price. The buffet costed me less than $20 for a decent lunch with international cuisine.

At the Oxford On Avon, I tried a lunch of this a la carte for just $10, which is a pretty good deal, considering the ambience surrounded.

Riverview Buffet Restaurant/Oxford On Avon Restaurant & Bars 
Phone: 03 379 7148
Address: 794, Colombo Street, Christchurch Central, Christchurch City.

Not far from the busy hub, you could find a riverside to sit back and relax, enjoy whatever mood you have.

A contemporary city art gallery, worth a visit. No admission fee. However, It's currently still closed until further notice.

Botanical garden during sunset. The sky was at its most beautiful scene.

I was attracted by all these huge and colourful signage boards, Coffee Queen, Striptease, LG Mart...

This is one of the backpacker hostels I had ever stayed. I would give a thumb up! The location is strategic, it's very near to library and shops. The owners are very nice couples. The condition of the interior was just nice, clean and comfortable.

Unfortunately, this hostel is still closed since the earthquake. Check its website at http://www.coachmanbackpackers.co.nz/ for latest information.

  Hohoho...the guy was caught and served a summons by a police. Riding an extraordinary small motorbike in NZ is forbidden.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Christchurch after The Earthquake...

4/10/11 – I stepped on the land of New Zealand again and i was in Christchurch airport. I flew from Melbourne, Australia while my friend Ichyi flew from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Both of us met up in the airport as planned. Then, we caught a bus to city. It's pretty long time since we last met, so we were excited and kept talking until we realized that we have missed the stop we should get down from the bus. Oops! We were quite a distance from the city centre. Never mind, we used to walk a lot. Both of us carrying our backpack bags, walking along the streets here and there. I felt strange as i could hardly remember the place I had ever been. It's strange for me, indeed. Many roads and buildings were damaged by the merciless earthquake and most areas were blocked with fence.

The church was seriously damaged

No entry is allowed to the affected area

The damage caused by the earthquake was overwhelming

Cracks appeared along the roadside

Holes can be seen along the pathway

Exterior of most of the buildings in the city centre were affected

Those who sacrificed in the earthquake were being remembered

A message left by the cantabrians...

Christchuch was a very stunning city ever and it's my favourite city in south island. However, i didn't see the beautiful scenery anymore, i was feeling blue. Only a few passengers, Christchurch was quiet. The sky was getting dark; i was somewhat panic and tired searching for the backpacker hostel. It's pretty well impossible to see and ask anyone around to guide us. After another few attempts, we saw someone who is able to give us some hints. Finally we reached the hostel and spent a night peacefully before we head to another town the next early morning.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Kia Ora!

Kia ora to everyone!

I have been sitting in front of my laptop since quite a few minutes ago and wondering what I suppose to start writing on this blog. Of course, I should tell something about the experience as a working holidaymaker in one of my most love countries - New Zealand. Frankly, it's little challenging for me as it was almost four years ago. I know it has always been  on my mind, yet it's not as fresh as just happened. It's shame that I suppose to share earlier, but my writing ability always holds me back from doing so and i was giving myself another excuse of being busy. 

Until recently, a passion has pushed me vigorously to leave my real life experience here, despite I know that my skill in writing English is still weak. I'm neither a good writer nor a sophisticated author. However, you are welcome to read my blog providing that you don't mind and enjoy reading my words. As a matter of fact, my last working holiday trip is Australia, but my latest trip to Christchurch on last year October somehow divulged my deepest feeling towards New Zealand. I know I still miss NZ, as always. Thus, I decided to write and share my working holiday experience few years back in NZ instead of Australia. Perhaps I would like to write about experience in Australia as well, at later time, if I feel like.