Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Christchurch after The Earthquake...

4/10/11 – I stepped on the land of New Zealand again and i was in Christchurch airport. I flew from Melbourne, Australia while my friend Ichyi flew from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Both of us met up in the airport as planned. Then, we caught a bus to city. It's pretty long time since we last met, so we were excited and kept talking until we realized that we have missed the stop we should get down from the bus. Oops! We were quite a distance from the city centre. Never mind, we used to walk a lot. Both of us carrying our backpack bags, walking along the streets here and there. I felt strange as i could hardly remember the place I had ever been. It's strange for me, indeed. Many roads and buildings were damaged by the merciless earthquake and most areas were blocked with fence.

The church was seriously damaged

No entry is allowed to the affected area

The damage caused by the earthquake was overwhelming

Cracks appeared along the roadside

Holes can be seen along the pathway

Exterior of most of the buildings in the city centre were affected

Those who sacrificed in the earthquake were being remembered

A message left by the cantabrians...

Christchuch was a very stunning city ever and it's my favourite city in south island. However, i didn't see the beautiful scenery anymore, i was feeling blue. Only a few passengers, Christchurch was quiet. The sky was getting dark; i was somewhat panic and tired searching for the backpacker hostel. It's pretty well impossible to see and ask anyone around to guide us. After another few attempts, we saw someone who is able to give us some hints. Finally we reached the hostel and spent a night peacefully before we head to another town the next early morning.