Monday, 2 July 2012

First Working Destination in New Zealand (Part I)

Once May and I reached, we called the hostel owner to pick us up. We stayed in a working hostel - Hastings Backpacker Hostel. We used to pay weekly rent as it's always cheaper especially with BBH card. It's worth to buy one if you're going to spend most time staying in hostels while working holiday in New Zealand. It's also very handy to book the hostels through the BBH website if you have the member card number. Thus, remember to get one as soon as possible while you arrived in New Zealand. The card costs $45, includes $20 pre-paid local and international phone call value. The BBH card is usually available through the participated hostels or you may also order it online. However, another $5 will be charged as handling fee for online orders.

I stayed in a mixed dorm with my friend and 4 other backpackers from different countries, languages and cultures. Basically, I like everyone of them. I was lucky because I got one and the only single bed in the room :D

We first thought that perhaps we would get a job within first 2 weeks if we were lucky. Surprisingly, we were offered a job on the day we arrived and we were asked to start work on the next day. Yahoo! We were so cheerful as we could get a job so soon. Our first job was......working in vineyard. Excited? Feel cool to work in a vineyard? Well, yes...only before we involved in the actual work :S

There are different stages of work needed to apply in vineyard, but I would say that the initial stage of work we involved is the hardest and toughest especially this is our first outdoor work. We had to bend our back all day long to do the task, by extremely long row and row of grape plants. We left the vineyard exhausted and both of us complained of having backache on the first working day. It's not fun but we tried to work for a week anyhow to prove that we are serious being a working holidaymaker : 0