Monday, 16 July 2012

A Stopover in Wellington, The Capital City of New Zealand

After staying 6 weeks in Hastings, I decided to move to South Island before the weather there turned too cold for me. I was initially planning to come back North Island and stay during winter as I was being told that it's much warmer. But, I ended up the other way round. Once I was able to adapt the environment in South Island, I just loved that beautiful part of NZ too much and I refused  to leave , even the winter came. Okay, it's a later story, let's move on!

I have planned leaving to South Island by ferry, Interislander. The connection is from Wellington to Picton. Together with May, I took a ride on nakedbus for nearly 5 hours with a stopover before we arrived in the capital city from Hastings. Well, we knew that we'll revisit Wellington later when we return to North Island. So, we only stayed overnight there just for a transit this time. Anyhow, we still made the most of it.

We stayed in the Downtown Backpackers hostel, situated just opposite of the railway station. Downtown Backpackers is the closest hostel to the Inter-Island Ferry Terminals and this is the core reason we chose to stay there. Besides, it is also within walkable distance to some attractions of the city and central shopping area. If location is your main concern while selecting budget accomodation in Wellington, perhaps this hostel can be your choice too.

The green building is the Downtown Backpackers

Railway Station 

Wellington CBD

Wellington CBD