Monday, 9 July 2012

Napier – Neighbour of Hastings

When May and I were in Hastings, we paid a few visits to Napier. From Hastings to Napier, you can drive your car(if you have one) or take a bus. It only takes about 15 minutes drive in between two cities. Napier and Hastings are neighbouring towns in the same region, Hawke's Bay. In fact, they share some similarities in terms of the sunshine, buildings, people and lifestyle.

One of the famous cafes in Napier CBD

Before I decided to stay and work in Hastings, I considered both places. Napier is the largest city in Hawke's Bay, seems more happening and excited for its CBD developed with many restaurants and bars, galleries, fashionable stores...Since Hastings is the hub for scouting works in farms, orchards and vineyards, and has great choices in accomodation, so I chose to stay there. If you have ever thought to come to Hawke's bay and work, you may wonder which place is better? Hastings or Napier? It's really up to your choice. Afte all, they are near to each other. Some stayed in Napier and worked in Hastings and vice verca. It's not a big deal.