Monday, 23 July 2012

Half Day Sightseeing in Wellington

One of the best ways to explore a city or place is by walking. Holding the city map on hands, May and I managed to visit some interesting places on the day. I was accustomed to do a little bit of research every time before I headed to a new place and also visited the local I-site. All the time I could get details map and information about the local tourism from there.
A tour in Wellington which you might be interesting is the Open House, it's the Parliament Experience. There are 3 historical buildings for you to explore: Parliament House, the Parliamentary Library and the Executive Wing which looks like a beehive. These buildings are close to each other and located in the heart of Wellington. There are gardens, statues, architecture...for you to sightsee. During the visit, a speaker of the House of Representative will guide the tour and provide the details of the buildings. If you are not that attracted by the tour, then you might fall asleep as it takes up to an hour. The good thing is there's no admission charge. However, you should check for the tour sessions prior visit.

The Beehive

Parliament House

Parliamentary Library

One of the well known attractions in Wellington that I highly recommend you to visit is the Museum of New Zealand named Te Papa, situated at Cable Street. Te Papa, in Maori language, means 'The Earth'. I know the word 'museum' may sound boring to some of you, but this one is somewhat different and more exciting. I'm sure you'll find something inside the large building that catch your eyes. How much is the entrance fee? It's free! :D

New Zealand's National Museum - Te Papa

There are about 20 galleries inside the museum and many collabrative displays for you to explore including the land, ocean & wildlife.

I have learn something about the ethos of Maori...

Te Hono ki Hawaiki(The link back to Hawaiki)

Heke(The rafters - the ribs of the ancestor)

Feature above: Tekoteko(Carved figure standing at the apex
of the badge boards)
Feature below: Koruru(The image of the ancestor's head)

Poupou(The carved figures representing the ancestor's various descendants)

Tukutuku(Decorative woven panels)

Some other displays of Maori culture...

Ahhh...Golden Days! I personally love it so much! I was brought back to the old days in the mini cinema, surprised by those moving features.

After the visit to Te Papa, we had a short walk to the harbour and took few more pictures before we got back to the hostel.