Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bye-bye South Island...I’m back, Wellington!

After spending almost 6 months and the greatest moments in South Island, I eventually returned to North Island. My housemate Gavin gave me a ride from Ashburton to Christchurch Airport. I took the Pacific Blue domestic flight leaving to Wellington and the flight took less than an hour journey. I reached Wellington in the afternoon and my friends Park & Ting came to pick me up at the airport.

On my second visit to Wellington, I could really feel that it’s a very windy city as what stated in the Lonely Planet. I think ladies may find difficulty walking on the streets with skirt :P

5 weeks in the capital city and I had some part time jobs during my stay. I usually worked as waitress in restaurants and ice-cream kiosk in a shopping mall.

Whenever I had free time, I liked to walk around and explore things. In the city centre, I found a place where computers with free internet access are available and that is the National Library of New Zealand. It’s located at 70 Molesworth Street, Thorndon and it’s opened at 10am – 5pm Monday to Saturday. There’s a time limit of usage but it’s fine to continue as long as there’s no other people waiting to use. Besides, this is also a place where some arts exist for browsing.

The building of National Library of New Zealand

I had fun visiting a nursery school; I asked permission to take videos and photos of the kids’ activities. Looking at those lovely kids, it reminded me how nice it’s being a child with stress-free life.

One amusing scenario I witnessed while walking in the city was a remonstration shown by a group of teenagers. I had no idea what’s going on but the police seemed capable to tackle the issue promptly.