Monday, 16 June 2014

Hot Air Ballooning in Queenstown

From my experience, hot air balloon flights very depend on the weather. Even if booking is made in advance, yet the authority has the right to cancel the flights for safety reason, if the weather is not allowed such as raining or windy day.

The next early morning after the rafting, I called to the sunrise balloons and checked if the weather of the day is appropriate for the adventure. It's fine, the person told. Later, my friend Gavin and I were picked up in front of our hostel to the launch field. Before the trip, I had no idea whatsoever about how the hot air balloon works. It’s funny that I thought we could simply jump on the ready balloon basket and the air journey will be started immediately. Hmmm…no no! At least it’s not that simple. In reality, there're some preparations need to be done before everyone could jump on the basket.

Some of the passengers especially men were readily to assist the crew to fill the balloon with air patiently. When the balloon was fully filled, every passenger got on the attached basket. At that point, the basket slowly departed from the field and we’re up up away. Looking down from 7900 feet height, most of the panoramic sceneries of Queenstown were captured into my eyes and I couldn’t help myself from shooting them. On the other hand, a climb at such height made me freezing in the air.

After less than an hour, the basket of the hot air balloon was slowly landed on the field again and then we cooperated to pack the air-released balloon away when the flight was complete.

Pleasingly, we’re handed a certificate each while enjoying the champagne breakfast with everybody in the field.

I eventually did what I longing for, so I would say 28th Sept 2008 was a memorable day and it’s an enjoyable trip for me in Queenstown!