Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Happiest Lodging with Housemates

Instead of staying in a backpacker hostel, I had an opportunity to stay in a nice rented house with lovely housemates while in Ashburton. All of us are coworkers. Although the job we involved was somewhat tedious, we enjoyed the moment back to home after work.

The lovely house we stayed

Backyard of the house

We used to cook dinner together, shared each other's meals, had talks and laughter over dinner. Perhaps it’s due to the condition that staying in the town where entertainments are limited, we’re more cherished the moment hung around in the house together, even just for movie watching or cooking. We also often had some parties at home. I tried many delicious food cooked by my housemates. Again, I was lucky because I stayed with great chefs. Meanwhile, I was so shamed for my inability to cook as great as them   : l

Although Ashburton is not a resort town and don't seem interesting to most of the travellers or backpackers, it's truly a lovely place for me to stay the longest in New Zealand, unbelievable! I believe this is largely due to the atmosphere of the house and people I stayed with.
In conclusion, I had an enjoyable moment staying in Ashburton, owing to them.