Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Picton, Where The Journey in South Island Began

Picton is a small port where calm and peace could be easily felt upon arrival.

This place seems nice to do nothing but just relax as it's not much could do. My friend and I enjoyed the walk around Picton on the day of arrival.

We had no idea what to eat for our lunch, so we just picked one from the recommendations on Lonely Planet and it's 'Kentucky Eataway'. It tasted so good. In my country, i used to be provided with plenty of free sauces whenever I buy fast food. However, it's common in NZ that you have to pay extra few cents for every sachet of sauce if you want any. Frankly, that day I saw one guy went to the opposite supermarket to buy a bottle of tomato sauce and brought it back to the shop to complete his meal with his family. It seemed better value huh! :D


Kentucky Eataway (Takeaway/Fast food)

Address: 52 High St, Picton
Phone: 03-5736818
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm daily

We only stayed for a night and we were on the bus again to Nelson the next day.