Wednesday, 15 August 2012

First Visit to Nelson

Situated in the North West, Nelson is definitely one of the many beautiful towns in South Island.
City centre
Shops along the street
Cafe Affair of Nelson
Christ Church Cathedral on Church Hill

Maitai River

There are actually many great events and activities held in Nelson annually that worth your visit with or without paying. Nelson Trolley Derby was one of the events I saw during summer, by chance...very creative outcomes created by the enthusiastic racers.

It was a very sunny day, adults and children took part in the race. All the racers as well as the passengers seemed having a great moment.

May and I tried to find a job here so that we could stay longer in this beautiful town. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like a hope for us to work and stay here or perhaps we gave up too early. We spent a week  in Nelson only and we were downhearted as we hated to leave. However, I contacted my Brazilian friend and we decided to meet him in Blenheim and work with him.

While waiting for the nakedbus to arrive, we sit in front of the riverside and watching these adorable creatures, sad to say goodbye to them. :(