Monday, 27 August 2012

Back to Nelson Again

Nothing special, we worked in vineyard again in Blenheim. It's actually few days only. Before I had a chance to explore around, we were asked and given the choice to return to Nelson for working in an apple pack house. Of course, we opted for Nelson. Without thinking much, we repacked our luggages and followed a Korean contractor back to Nelson. In fact, he arranged the work and accomodation for us. Well, of course it's nice to stay in a private room with May, but we could hardly pay for the rent with our wages from the work he provided. We merely worked 2 or 3 days in a week and less than 5 hours per working day. We earned less than the accomodation rent, means our expenses > wage.
Recalled a contact number provided by a Taiwanese coworker who met in Hastings, May called up the number and talked to another contractor. The Malaysian contractor then became the person in charge of our new accomodation and job. As she promised, we worked in another fruit pack shed for steadier working hours and she arranged us to stay in a holiday park near the Tahunanui beach, Tahuna Beach Holiday Park. We're settled.

Part of the accomodations in the holiday park & I had ever stayed in one of the units.

It's a pretty good choice of accomodation even if you are not intend to stay for work but just for a holiday. It's really nice to stay near the beach.
These were some of the travellers accomodation at the camp site.

If I didn't come back to Nelson again, surely I won't be able to explore more. I guess Nelson=Beach, I couldn't afford to miss...