Thursday, 23 May 2013

Enjoying Wanaka and Puzzling World before Heading to Mt. Cook (Day 9)

Situated in the picturesque region of Otago, Wanaka has beautiful lake and mountain panoramas. As if Queenstown, tourism is the primary activity that contributes to the local culture and economy of Wanaka. However, it’s less commercialized than Queenstown.

Retails shops in downtown

Cafes that offer great sights of Lake Wanaka

I was somewhat frustrated while uploading photos to this post because I’m hardly chose the only best photos since all of the pictures taken in Wanaka seems amazing to me (I didn’t mean my photography skill is good but the place is really gorgeous). Sorry that I’m too desperate to share all these photos…:P  

Lake Wanaka and the surrounded mountains offer adventure activities for travellers who love kayaking, sailing, walking or hiking.

My friend and I visited the Stuart Landsborough’s Puzzling World located just 2km away from Lake Wanaka.

Hey! The puzzling world is interesting! In fact, it’s a must-see attraction and it should be part of your itinerary in South Island. There’s a few dollars charge if you intend to visit parts in the building such as The Great Maze and Illusion rooms. But some people were just like us, focused on the artworks viewing or photographing of outdoor funny structures which charged nothing. There's an indoor area we visited where we could get some models and played free. We also took some hilarious pictures especially with the leaning clock tower in the garden.


An indoor area for games playing

Leaning Tower built in front of the building

Puzzling World
Location: 188 Wanaka Luggate Highway 84 Wanaka 9382.
Tel: (03) 443 7489
Opening hours: 8.30am daily, last admission 5.30pm (summer) & 5.00pm (winter), (10-3pm on Christmas Day)

Our itinerary in Wanaka seemed more to enjoy the landscapes than participating in the adventurous activities. Therefore, we only spent the previous night in Wanaka and carry on our journey to Mt. Cook after exploring the puzzling world in the afternoon.