Thursday, 21 March 2013

Discovering Queenstown, A Real Queens Town (Day 7)

Before I came to New Zealand, I had ever heard my friend told that Queenstown is the most beautiful town in New Zealand. I’m not going to comment about it but one thing for sure, I couldn't help myself from taking photos like crazy while I was there :D

In Queenstown, I stayed with Yen in the Alpine Lodge Backpackers. Alpine Lodge Backpackers is one of the BBH hostels in New Zealand and it provided a Very cozy and comfortable accommodation with clean and friendly environment. Furthermore, the hostel was a good value to us as it's located almost opposite the Skyline Gondola cable car station.

Living room(upstair)


Alpine Lodge Backpackers

Add: 13, Gorge Rd, Queenstown.

Tel: (03) 442 7220

It’s end of autumn. Outside of the hostel, I could see the hills were topped with snows.

On Saturday 24th May, with Yen, I did ride the Skyline Gondola and went to the Bob's Peak. Along the ride, we enjoyed the views although it’s raining slightly.
View from the window of the cable car

When we reached the peak...OMG! It's so stunning looking from 450m high above the Queenstown township!

It's really the beauty of nature!

We’re extremely thrilled to spend time taking the most beautiful pictures of Queenstown and playing the snows at the peak.

Frankly speaking, perhaps this was nothing to you but this is the very first time both of us saw the real snows in our life. Of course, we wanted to make the most of it and therefore we only willing to leave when it's almost sunset :P
The dessert I had at the Skyline Cafe before leaving

Unlike other places, Queenstown is still happening at night. You may have a walk in the hub and shop for food or souvenirs during night. Queenstown has quite a few souvenir shops, boutique, cafes and restaurants well worth your visit. I actually did a well shopping and tried the good foods there like ice cream, big burger...
Queenstown centre at night

Queenstown is well known for adventurous activities, for example bungy jumping, rafting, skydiving and mountain biking. I was unlucky as failed to participate the white water rafting as intended. The failing was due to the season closed to winter, the snows had blocked the access for road trip to the river. Well, I promised that I’ll definitely come back for the game on spring as long as I’m still in South Island.

All in all, a suitable word to describe this lovely town is... beau-ti-ful! It’s a town that queens will love to live forever. Thus, not to miss a visit to Queenstown!