Sunday, 9 September 2012

Apple Packing

I guess apple packing is easier and much better than apple picking; at least it doesn't require to work outdoor and carry a big basket over shoulder. May and I worked in a pretty good pack house in Nelson. My job was quite easy and I had no complaint about it. Nonetheless, speed and cooperation among the team members were important in order to ensure the work run smoothly and overall performance is above the par.

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Interior of the pack house

This was my working area and I used to distribute the trays on the device belts

Apples were distributing into different categories

Apples were dropping on the trays and ready for packing

Apples were packed into boxes at the end

We ate uncountable apples during the period we worked there and we actually tasted various types and sizes of apples. Some of us who liked cooking always used them in different recipes as appetizers, desserts, drinks...even so; we didn't get tedious to eat them every day as they are so fresh and sweet. As the saying goes ' An apple a day keeps the doctor away'. In fact, I had more than one apple a day and I had never felt sick during the period of working there :D
Well, these were some examples of extraordinary apples which always not to be packed.

Twins apple??

Mini apple vs ordinary apple :P

A baby apple attached on an apple :D
All in all, it's a great experience to earn both money and health while working there ;)