Monday, 5 November 2012

Hit the Road to Kaikoura and Christchurch from Picton (Day 1)

Leaving from Picton, I drove the car along East Coast on the State Highway 1(SH1) to Kaikoura. In fact, Kaikoura is a small town with the population not more than 5000 residents. It’s a beautiful place lies on the East Coast of South Island with the combination of ocean and mountains. Derived from Maori word, Kaikoura is a name means ‘meal of crayfish’, so I guess it has the possibility of having abundant of this seafood?!

Kaikoura Town and mountains could be seen from the town

One of the greatest activities for visitors to Kaikoura is swim with the dolphins

Remarkable river view with mountains

Trees planted along the seaside and created a great environment for nature walk

Amazing mountains & ocean view in the late afternoon

Kaikoura is rich with nature and marine life. It’s certainly a popular destination for whale (mainly Sperm Whales) watching and dolphin swimming. However they’re not in our must-do list, so Yen and I only stopped off the town area in the late afternoon before continue the driving to Christchurch.