Thursday, 12 July 2012

Visiting Napier

In 1931, an earthquake had happened in Napier. As of the incident, many buildings in the city were rebuilt in art deco styles. Knowing as I do, Napier is known as the art deco capital of the world these days.

MASONIC Building

ASS Building


A vintage car was passing by the Art Deco Arch
Some of the highlighted build features in Napier are Tom Parker Fountain, Pania of the Reef sculpture, Veronica Sun Bay, The colonnades and sound shell.

Pania of the Reef sculpture

Veronica Sun Bay


People relax on the field in front of the sound shell
One of the tours without needing you to pay is Sheepskin Tanning & Factory Tour. You may seek information from local I-site. Usually, there is a free service to pick you up from the I-site to their site. These are some of the pictures I took from the tour. You may buy some souvenirs especially sheep skin products from a shop there.

Both Napier and Hastings have weekend markets held in the morning every week in summer and winter. Go to Napier Sunday Market or Hastings Saturday Market for a walk to scout for food, coffee, crafts or whatever you like.

Napier Sunday Market is located on Marine Parade. This is the largest market in Hawke's Bay, so it is well worth visiting!

Need more information about the markets? Easy... just click through

Some of the things in CBD stopped me for some shoots...

If you'll be here during summer, you'll be surrounded with the happenings atmosphere. One of them is the well-known Pask Winery Great Long Lunch. The event is held at the Marine Parade Domain, hosting about 800 guests with a 250-metre long table. I was really admiring those people dressed up beautifully, enjoying their meals and wines, dancing in the garden, being entertained happily all together.

I was wondering how much it costs for such a wonderful event. How much do you guess? It turned out to be $100 for adult. Hey my dear backpackers, I believe you can organize to enjoy a long table meal with the other backpackers with just $10 each, don't fancy the environment would be as grand as that though :P