Saturday, 16 June 2012

Finally Arrived in New Zealand, after 12 Hours of Flight

17/1/2008 – My friend May and I arrived at Aukland International Airport. It was our first time and first day in New Zealand and we were pretty excited!

We first caught an airbus from the airport to city area. The bus has a service to drop off at selected accomodations, so we were just in front of the backpackers hostel when we got down from the bus. How convenient it is! Then, we just checked in to the hostel. Fortunately, we had booked it online in advance, it was fully booked on that day and some backpackers couldn't manage to secure a bed on their arrival. This was also due to the peak season during summer. Thus, it's always wise to do research and homework before one's ready to pack things and go.

Before the trip, we had already decided to go Hastings and try our luck in finding work there. As a result, we only spent a day in Aukland. We managed to buy tickets over the counter and headed to Hastings by coach the next early morning. Everything just happened smoothly as planned.

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